What is an on road camper trailer?

An on road camper trailer is suitable for travel on sealed/bitumen roads only. The design & construction of the camper trailer are suitable for normal highway conditions.

What is an off road camper trailer?

An off road camper trailer is suitable for travel on sealed roads, dirt roads, country roads and tracks where a 4×4 vehicle is normally required.

What is the real differences between off road and on road campers?

The main differences are in the construction and suspension. Off-road campers are far more robust to handle Australian outback roads.

How hard is it to tow a camper trailer?

It is easy! It doesn’t obstruct your line of sight, and you need no additional special mirrors or brakes on your car.

Will my car be able to tow a camper trailer?

The best idea is to check your vehicle’s owner handbook, this will tell you the maximum legal “braked” towing capacity and maximum tow ball weight.

The towing capacity of your vehicle is shown on a badge which is hidden in different places on the vehicle according to age and make.

You should ensure you are not breaching the law and/or compromising your vehicle’s insurance.

We have different models of camper trailers to suit most cars, SUV’s & 4WD’s on the market.

Does my car require a special fitting to tow a camper with electric brakes?

No, all our camper trailers are fitted with electric brakes, and are also fitted with a handbrake.

What vehicle can tow the camper trailer?

Tow Bar requirements: The towing vehicle must be fitted with a tow bar and tow ball.

Power requirements: Our camper trailers are fitted with 7 pin flat 12v plugs. If your vehicle is fitted with 6 pin round or 7 pin round plugs, you need to purchase adaptors.

How do I register the trailer?

Unfortunately we can’t register on your behalf, and it’s different in different states. You may need to do some homework with regards to registration in your state. We’ll prepare everything and you only need to take the papers to a Vic road office nearby. And I assure you there is no big deal.

How many people can a camper sleep?

Most of our campers happily accommodate a family of 4-5. There is a queen size bed and plenty of room for camp stretchers or camp mats.

How long does the camper trailer take to set up?

For a quick stop it will only take you a couple of minutes to set up.

For longer stops, then you may want to extend the camper awning for more living space, you can completely set up the camper in around 15mins.

What is the best camper for an senior person to manage?

Probably a forward fold hard floor or rear fold hard floor as they are fast to set up and are fitted with winches for this reason.

Does the camper trailer have power?

All of our camper trailers are fitted with a 12v lighting system.

For extended travel away from 240v power, we recommend the supplementary hire of a 1000W Inverter Generator to run additional appliances and/ or recharge the trailers battery.

What about re-charging the battery in your camper trailer?

There are several ways to re-charge the battery:

  1. One way is to use a conventional mains power battery charger at home.
  2. Or, you can re-charge the battery from the tow vehicle while you drive.

Does the camper trailer have a water tank?

All of our camper trailers are fitted with stainless steel water tank under trailer chassis.

Is the camper trailer waterproof and dustproof?

During transit, all our camper trailers are fully lockable, waterproof and dustproof.

What about rust proofing?

Camper trailers can be fully hot-dipped galvanized, or powder coated, or baked enamel finished. Mature techniques are used to protect trailers from rust.

Does the camper trailer have a spare tyre?

Our campers have 1 spare tyre as standard set-up. You can also buy an extra spare tyre for the extended trips.

Is it safe to cook with the entire annex set up?

For your safety, you shouldn’t cook with gas without adequate ventilation. You need to ensure adequate ventilation by opening windows, or even removing one piece of the annex wall.

Is the canvas seen through when a light is turned on internally?


Can the tent be folded up wet?

Our campers have water proof canvas which will not allow moisture to penetrate through. If the canvas is wet when you are folding up the camper trailer, it is better to have plastic tarps to cover your bedding to keep them from getting wet.

The camper must then be set-up again ASAP to dry, and avoid propagation of mould and mildew.

How do I clean the tent?

Clean water, and a sponge to soak up the water.

With harsh terrains expected from my camping trips, what should I look out for?

  • Look out for uneven tyre wear;
  • If the camper leans to one side, a shock absorber could be faulty;
  • When you stop for fuel, food or for the night, feel the temperature of the wheels as excessive heat could mean a wheel bearing is getting tired.

What general maintenance is required for safety?

  • Before starting a trip, check your lights.
  • After any long trip, check the wheel bearings and wheel nuts.

What are the important day- to-day points to look for?

Check these six basic things:

  • Hitch key – Is it in your pocket?
  • Trailer plug – Did you connect it?
  • Chains – Did you connect them?
  • Jockey wheel – Did you swing it up?
  • Handbrake – did you disengage it?
  • Tires – Did you inflate tires properly?

What tools should I take?

  •  A basic set of sockets and spanners.
  • Tires – Did you inflate tires properly?
  • What tools should I take?
  •  A basic set of sockets and spanners.
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