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Flexo Press

  1. Use powder brake and clutch to control unwinding & rewinding tension.
  2. Anilox roller for
  3. Water-based ink is suitable for making labels of cigarettes, food, drinks, etc.
  4. Unwinding, printing, vanishing, drying, laminating, die-cutting, rewinding can be done in one process.
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Printing Speed15-60m/min15-60m/min
Printing Color4-64-6
Die-cutting Station1group3group
Max. Web Width320mm320mm
Max .Printing Width310mm310mm
Max. Unwinding Diameter600mm600mm
Max. Rewinding Diameter550mm550mm
Printing Length178-340mm178-340mm
Precision of Overprint±0.1mm±0.1mm
Overall dimension2000*1100*2100 mm2600*1100*2100mm
Press Weight2200kg2600kg


Standard set-up:

IR Dryer1 unit per color1 unit per color
Anilox Roller1pc per color1pc per color
Plate Cylinder3pcs per color3pcs per color
Turning Bar11
Die-cutting Unit13
Matrix Rewinder11
Sheet Conveyor10


Model: WJRB-320A & WJRB-320B

  1. Web-guide
  2. CCD camera
  3. Corona
  4. UV dryer
  5. Cold foil stamping
  6. Extra printing unit

Spare Parts for Flexo Press

  1. Extra anilox rollers
  2. Extra plate cylinders
  3. Extra magnetic die-cutting cylinders
  4. Extra UV light tubes
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