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Tipping Trailer

Hot-dipped galvanized tipping trailer with side panels, front panel & tailgate. It has 2.5mm thick steel checker floor and mudguards with a detachable tailgate that can be opened downwards.

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  • Specifications
Size/FTLoading capacity/KGNo. of axlesNo. of brakesTire sizeDrawbar length from front gate/mmBox wall height/mmGround

clearance height/mm


* Drawbar length from front gate


Trailer body construction and materials

  • Trailer side panels, front panel & tailgate: 1.5mm flat steel sheet folded as standard
  • Trailer floor: 2.5mm thick steel checker plate welded onto chassis
  • Trailer mudguards: 2.5mm steel checker plate mudguards
  • Trailer front panel is detachable and can be opened downwards
  • Trailer tailgate is detachable and can be opened downwards
  • Drawbar: 100*50*4mm
  • Bottom chassis frame & beam: 100*50*4mm
  • Box chassis main tube: 100*50*4mm

Trailer suspension and wheel

  • For trailer with 2000KG capacity: 2 sets of 45x45mm square axle, 1 set of mechanical brake for front axle.
  • For trailer with 3500KG capacity: 2 sets of 50*50mm square axle, 2 sets of 12” electric brakes.
  • Standard 40mm solid square axle
  • Standard number of mechanical brakes as per above table
  • Standard hand braking system
  • Standard eye-to-eye leaf springs for single axle tipping trailers
  • Tandem springs with rocker roller suspension for tandem tipping trailers
  • Trailer with no shock absorbers
  • Wheels: white powder coated steel rims as standard; all tires are DOT certified.

Trailer details and accessories

  • Safety chains: hot dipped galvanized, Australian standard
  • Coupler: Australian standard 50mm ball coupling
  • Jockey Wheel: swing up type with solid wheel
  • Toolbox: 2.5mm steel checker plate

Trailer electric set-up

  • LED tail Lights and number plate lights (ADR approved or with E-mark)
  • 7-pin plug: flat or round plugs available for choice
  • Wire cable: standard 6-core wire cable
  • 12V battery

Tipping controlling device

12V battery controls the hydraulic system for tipping

Hot-dipped galvanized cage

Frame: 30*30 tubes
Height: 900mm
Steel mesh: 70*50*4 steel mesh

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