Culture & Training Center for Individual & Groups

A lack of cultural understanding can lead to misunderstandings, hurt feels, lost sales accounts, and team dysfunction, etc.

Our cross-cultural trainings are practical, interactive programs designed to prepare participants to work in multicultural offices, travel abroad, or quickly become familiar with Australia & Australians. We provide individual & groups with the necessary tools to function, communicate and work more effectively in the global marketplace.

Cross-Cultural Communication & Training

These trainings increase cross cultural skills and improve management/individual performance at workplace in a global environment. These trainings encourage participants to identify the tools and skills needed for effectively addressing social and professional differences in a multinational company or organization.

These trainings assist participants to work more effectively within a cross-cultural setting by employing appropriate knowledge and various communication strategies when dealing with colleagues, clients or people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

The learning outcomes will include key aspects of culture, understanding of how culture and value orientations impact on communication, behavior and performance, the barriers to effective cross-cultural communication and discussion around the key principles to effective cross-cultural communication.

Workforce Talent Development within a Cross-Cultural Setting

Workforce learning programs are designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of individuals in order to improve their performance while in their current jobs and to develop capabilities for future opportunities within the company or organization, including,

  • Working & associating with culturally diverse colleagues, clients and people
  • Understanding culture differences of the East and the West & coping with culture shock
  • Developing ways to improve inter/outer-company communications
  • Gaining a better understanding of how cultural differences impact communications, management and business development
  • Understanding global business etiquette & protocol
  • Gaining an understanding of how people in different cultures view each other & Working on how to change negatives into positives
  • Planning for a culturally competent service
  • Achieving cultural competence & gaining cultural wisdom
  • Speaking & writing for effective communications
  • Building friendly and harmonious, effective and productive multicultural teams & society

Training programs range from two hours to a full day, or a week.

Qualified applicants: Individual & Groups

Procedure: Interested applicants need to contact us to apply first, once approved, trainings are Free of Charge.  

For more information on this service, please contact us at to discuss your needs.

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