At Pioneer Tech we want you to be 100% happy with your purchase. Your trust on our products and service are highly appreciated. Should you have any questions relating to warranty, we are happy to answer your questions, and will happily solve your warranty issues if any. By purchasing an item from Pioneer Tech, you hereby agree to the terms and conditions as set out herein.

Warranty Period

  1. Trailers
    Unless otherwise stated, trailer bodies are guaranteed for a period of one (1) year to the original purchaser of the trailer in question from the original date of purchase only.
  2. Camper Trailers & Trailers: Owners/buyers should take trailers to be serviced every 3 months on average, or serviced before and after each camping trip, in order to have any valid warranty claim.
  3. Tents & Swags
    Tents and swags are guaranteed to be in new merchantable condition at the time of purchase (Quality Checklist is provided when pick up to ensure the satisfaction of quality at the time of pickup). The warranty is limited to manufacturing and materials defects. A limited manufacturer’s warranty period of one (1) year applies to Pioneer Tech canvas products, excepting poles and fittings,  zippers, velcro and fly-screens.
  4. Any valid warranty claims approved and carried out by Pioneer Tech do not in any way or under any circumstances imply an extension or renewal of the warranty period either from the original date of purchase or from the date of the claim.
  5. We will correct any defects in the product resulting from faulty material or workmanship free for you within warranty period.

Warranty Policy & Procedures

  1. If a product is found to be defective within the warranty period, Pioneer Tech will repair or replace the item at their discretion.
  2. For future warranty claim, please provide copy of original invoice and order ID. Any warranty claim must be submitted in writing accompanied by photographs of the defective part/s. Please do not return goods without our written authority to do so.
  3. All warranty work under an authorized warranty claim approved by Pioneer Tech must be carried out by Pioneer Tech or by a Pioneer Tech authorized representative and only with the express written permission of Pioneer Tech.
  4. All transport costs, accommodation, shipping charges, towing or recovery costs and incidental expenses, etc., arising from a warranty claim, whether approved or denied, are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Warranty Applies Only to Products Sold “New” by Pioneer Tech

  1. Warranties apply only to products sold “new”. No warranty is offered on any items sold via “auction”, or “deemed to be factory seconds”, “ex demonstration”, or “used product”, or “damaged” unless specifically stated otherwise by Pioneer Tech in writing.
  2. Warranty is valid only to the original purchaser and are not transferrable or deferred under any circumstances. Once sold or otherwise disposed of by the original purchaser to any third party, Pioneer Tech accepts no liability, claim or otherwise by the original owner or third party, i.e., all warranties become null and void, and the original purchaser shall make no claims or be eligible for any claims on behalf of the new owner.

What’s Not Covered Under These Warranty Terms & Conditions:

  1. Warranties are not valid on products purchased for the purpose of rental, hire schemes, loan or commercial use.
  2. Warranty does not cover the products in the event of misuse, incorrect fitting, abuse, accidental damage or collision, unauthorized modifications of design, incorrect assembly, incorrect/inadequate/improper/irregular maintenance, or using it for purposes other than for which it is designed.
  3. Items not covered under the warranty also include:
    • Rust
    • Wheels and Tyres
    • Paint and Powder Coating Finish
    • General Consumables such as Travel Covers and Straps, wheel bearings, light bulbs, water pumps, jockey wheels, shock absorbers, etc..
    • Wheel Nuts may loosen after the first few kilometers of use and must be checked and re-tightened if necessary.
    • Modifcations
  4. Zippers, fly screens (mesh screens), Velcros, peg rings, etc, stress points, poles and fittings,  are not covered by the warranty. These items are only warrantied against defective workmanship or materials. Damages of any kind (misuse or abuse), general wear and tear, condensation, cosmetic change, aging of tent materials, extreme weather, accidents, incorrect set up, damage caused by mould, insects, animals or children are not covered. This also excludes broken poles and damage caused by a jammed, snagged zipper or excessive force applied to zipper causing failure.
  5. Warranty is voided if repairs are undertaken by persons other than Pioneer Tech or our representative without our prior written permission.

Lodging a Claim

Claims can be lodged by email or phone, legitimate proof of purchase and pictures are required. And we will contact you shortly.

Please Note:

  1. Any representatives, associates, agents/dealers, resellers or similar of Pioneer Tech shall have no authority to authorise or deny warranty claims on behalf of Pioneer Tech.
  2. Pioneer Tech shall not be liable, (in part or whole) for any warranties, either express or implied, made by agents or resellers on behalf of Pioneer Tech without the knowledge or express written permission of Pioneer Tech. Such un-authorised claims shall be the responsibility of the agent/s or reseller/s only.


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