Steve’s caravan with 2x lockable jerry can holders at the back

Steve has a 2016 Australia Off Road Quantum Plus.

He used 316 marine stainless 10mm bolts with nylock nuts. Also the 2mm rubber for the bolts to rest on.
He has also made 6mm and 3mm steel fishplates for behind the bar and inside the holder respectively, thereby bearing the
load over a larger surface area.
The ball weight of his caravan is reduced by 34kg.
All pictures credit to Steve. Thank you so much for sharing your feedback and your fine DIY skills!
Notice: please note we cannot guarantee the jerry can holders will fit any caravans without modification to the caravan / jerry can holder. We do not supply any of the above installation parts nor do we install the jerry can holders to a caravan. Customers needs to modify their caravan or jerry can holder accordingly, and source their own components for modification and installation.
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